Yoga Flow with Emma @Alexandra Park, Manchester

It is not the first time I shoot with Emma, an incredibly positive and vibrant yoga teacher from Manchester.

First time we met we tried a mixture of indoor and outdoor shots for her website - and I was amazed how easily it was to work with her!

Her classes incorporate a focus on mind and body and she named her brand V-Flow because her favourite style of yoga class is Vinyasa Flow; she also teaches Hatha and personalised private classes, and has some brilliant retreat plans for next summer.

Alexandra Park was sunny and warm; I arrived before her, and ‘scouted’ the area for best places to shoot.

I knew Emma would want something simple but a bit ‘special’ - and I found these really dramatic-looking trees that I immediately ‘projected’ her on, at least in my mind!

Despite not always being the safest of ventures, Emma embarked on this, and embraced my ideas with her contagious enthusiasm and openness. She found ways to balance on different tree trunks, to change poses and to fight the sun when we were in the open.

During the shoot, she told me she had planned to be more in touch in nature this year - and, hopefully, these photos shows how much she actually is - and how much she enjoys it!