Ricoh GRIII: In Love

There are many things I have been shooting recently - exciting projects and encounters, some challenging, some filling my heart with the joy of doing what I love the most. I am grateful to all the people who pay me to do this job and to all my friends who listen to me rambling for hours about photography, especially when things don’t go quite as I would want to.

But nothing compares to the excitement of shooting street again. Street photography is my first love, and it is a pity I have been neglecting it for a long while. I have still taken street shots with my phone but not consciously, not with an idea in mind - just as I was moving from one location to the other. A selection of my mobile phone street photography is here: Our Streets

Armed with a new small and compact camera (Ricoh GRIII) that I still learn how to use as it is such a different experience from my heavy D5, I did a test street photo session yesterday, and let me tell you: summer has never looked so good!

Can’t wait to share more and start working seriously on street photo projects!

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