Fae and Dan Wedding Day @Oak Royal, Chorley

**I have always liked to say that I have not been lucky with many things in life apart from one: and that is meeting lovely people, again and again, from whom I learnt things, with whom I shared things, people who make life more colourful and joyous.

And that is no exception when it comes about my job.

I have the feeling my clients are special (well, they are my clients, so they should be!) in the sense that they make my job easier by adopting an all natural air around my camera, thus allowing me to capture their events and moments as I like it the most: candidly and unobtrusively.

I fought a stomach bug the days and night before but luckily woke up all fresh on the wedding day. A lovely August day. The sun was shinning bright (a bit too bright for some of the photos!) and everything ran smoothly.

Fae warned me that Dan didn’t like posing - and that we should respect that; we took a few posed shots (Fae was stunning, as the photos show!) and although I would have wanted to take more photos of them, I focused on recording the atmosphere of the day, the funny moments, the emotions, the lovely kids and the smiling guests, deciding on giving them a break, and tried a couple of more shots later, when the sun wasn’t that bright, and they were more relaxed.

I am glad my clients are happy with the results and that I witnessed their big day and met so many lovely people and happy kids! :)

Here are a few photos: