Cover-up and Reveal

Does the camera influence us in representing our true emotions - or, on the contrary, is it an instrument that is able to see beyond human facades? Is it true that the more we try to hide, the more things are revealed?  

What if the subject is an actor, with experience in creating emotions, and what if he wears make-up which enhances certain expressions? Is the true self still visible despite our attempts at concealing it?

Is there a (safe) detachment between the true self and the ‘role’ we assume in front of a camera?

And, ultimately, are we actually building dreams from memory - and to what degree does that help us in understanding what is real and what is not? 

I tried to answer these questions photographically on a short project with Ben Strang, emerging actor and model, and Amy Lonsdale, experienced film and fashion make-up artist, incorporating ‘everyday' elements as much as possible in the shot, and allowing both of them to express naturally, after a short brief with an incredibly good communication between us.

In order to ‘dis-place’ ourselves from contemporaneity, I would have wanted a slightly classic, vintage, 90’s-inspired outfit (still actual though), and Ben was absolutely brilliant in finding it! Amy was truly fabulous in understanding exactly the kind of make-up I imagined, and she found the perfect way to balance it with the outfit and the model’s facial features. 

I struggled with the crazy sun, and then embraced it. The deepest shadows revealed the light.